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About Us

Ealing BMX Club is a not for profit community club. We are run by a committee of volunteers and are always looking for help and support from parents/ carers who would like to get involved. If you would like to find out more please contact us on ealingbmx@gmail.com.

The committee members are 

Martin Gormley, Chair

Dave Moore, Membership Secretary

Prayer Nekati, Treasurer 

Also volunteers for the Club are Chris Smith, Grants Officer and Gail Norman, Social Media Officer and Acting Welfare Officer.

The Club was set up in 2014 by Access Sport as part of their highly successful BMX Legacy Project following on from the Olympic Games in 2012.

The Club has been recognised three times at the Ealing Sports Awards, winning Junior Club of the Year in 2018 and the Inclusive and Active Award for our WingzBMX sessions for children and young people with additional needs in 2017.

Our Aims

BMX can provide a unique tool to engage young people in cycling that can lead to a lifelong commitment to sport, recreation and travel.

Our goal is to continue building a sustainable club that engages the community and reaches all groups of children and young people.

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