We have a long list of riders wishing to join and therefore have had to close our waiting list for the time being. 


All riders and parents/ carers must read and abide by the rules below:

Covid 19 

Do not come to BMX if:

  • You/ your child or someone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms 

  • You/ your child or someone in your household has tested positive for Covid-19

  • You/ your child are waiting for the results of a test for Covid-19

  • You/ your child have been asked to self-isolate by school or by test and trace


Let us know if you develop symptoms after the session so that other participants can be informed.


Session numbers

Each session will have two/ three coaches and a Coach / rider ration of 1:8. Riders are split into groups and divide their time between the flat and the track to ensure riders are spaced out.  Where Wingz riders need parental help in the session the parent will count towards the group numbers. 


Social distancing

Social distancing of two metres or one metre with safeguards needs to be observed at all times. To enable this, we have shortened the sessions and spaced out the timings to avoid congestion. 


Riders will be allocated a helmet or lid (Wingz) and a suitably sized bike. They will need to put on the helmet themselves or with the help of their parent/ carer.  No-one else will use the helmet at other Saturday Club sessions and they will have the same helmet each week. Riders must provide their own full finger gloves.  As riders will be wearing long sleeves long trousers and gloves, they should not need to touch the bike frame.


At the end of the session, helmets and bikes must be put in the used kit area where parents must help with disinfecting bikes and spraying helmets before moving them to the cleaned kit area.  The amount of cleaning now needed is too much to be left to the regular volunteers and the Club cannot function unless all parents help with this task. 


Only one spectator per rider will be allowed and there will be no chairs provided, so please bring your own if you require one. The gazebo will be used to store coats and bags. Riders will need to bring their own water and as Gurnell Leisure Centre is closed there will be no toilets.  Spectators are asked to keep clear of the start hill and watch from the sides or the gazebo end.  



If any rider requires first aid parents/ carers will be asked to provide this. Club volunteers will help if necessary and will wear PPE: masks, gloves and eye shields. 


For riders below High School age a parent/ carer must remain trackside or within a short distance of the track with your phone turned on so we can contact you immediately if your child is hurt.


For older riders, please make sure you inform us if you change your phone number.


Your agreement

We will take your attendance at a session as your agreement to these operating procedures. 

Ealing BMX is operating with measures in place to enable social distancing and in line with British Cycling guidelines.


As an outdoor, non-contact sport we are in a good position to be able to operate with effective social distancing in place. We have a lot of space around the track so riders can be spread out and we have space to keep equipment separate and clean it regularly.


Our parents/ carers and riders have been a great support in putting this in place. The new regulations have created a lot of admin and we are grateful to everyone for their help and we would love to hear from any parents/ carers who would be able to help on a regular basis. 


There is also a lot of additional disinfecting of bikes before and after use and all parents need to help with this.  

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